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Here are just a FEW examples of our Water Filter & Softener installations

Exquisite Air & Water Services is a company dedicated to providing the best water filtration and softening solutions to meet any needs. We install the best equipment available and our team is very diligent when it comes to our installations. Learn more about our recent projects and see how we can help you.

We Do It All

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Exquisite Air & Water Services, we offer comprehensive installation services for all types of water filtration systems. Our experienced team can help you with any water pressure, hardness, odors, iron, or chemical issues you may be having. We do it all!

softener anf filtration
Well Water application set up consisting of a pre-VOC Carbon Tank, followed by a DEPTH filter for Iron and sulfur removal, and then the Water Softener
d-ionization and reverse osmosis
Spot free truck wash system set up, utilizing a pre-neutralizer, depth filter, and twin softener system followed by a commercial RO system and Deionization for spot free water. Current set up is for a large towing and transport company.
water repressurization system
Re-pressurization system to correct low water pressure issue 
point of use reverse osmosis
Point of Use Reverse Osmosis with post mineral filter. 
commercial filtration
Well watcher re-pressurization system for low yield well applications
Commercial RO
Commercial RO system with 300-gallon holding tank, set up for a wedding event center
well water filtration sysytem
Depth Filter (well water) and a water softer with a post filter
reverse osmosis
Dental office patient RO water, and DI sterilization system
filter and softener
Whole house pre-filter and softener system with post UV light sterilization unit
Salt Free softener
Salt Free System with Carbon & Sediment Filter
carbon filtration system
Carbon Filtration with dual softener

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