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City Water

Are You Concerned About What Contaminants Makes It Past The Treatment Plant?

There are a number of impurities that are added or naturally found in municipal water. City water is treated to remove impurities, but can still contain chlorine, PFA's, lead, and other contaminants. Some Cities even find Pharmaceuticals in their Municipal Water. These contaminants can cause illnesses and other health issues. To ensure your water is free of impurities, consider installing a water filtration system, Whole house or Point Of Use. Water filtration systems can remove chlorine, PFOA's, PFOS', lead, and other contaminants, providing clean, safe, and filtered water for your home. A water filtration system can also improve the taste and smell of your water. Investing in a water filtration system, Whole House or Point Of Use is a smart choice that can provide you and your family with the clean and safe water you deserve. 

Just A Few Things Found In Municipal Water

Chlorine & Chemicals

If you ever wonder why your water smells like a pool, this is why! They add chlorine and other chemicals like chloramines to sanitize the water from bacteria.


Yes! You read that right, Pharmaceuticals can be found in municipal water. There are various ways pharmaceuticals can get into your drinking water.

PFAS removal

Often referred to as "forever chemicals" are used in applications such as Food packaging, Clothing Etc. Many health concerns can rise from PFAS

Don't Worry!

Exquisite Air & Water Services Inc. has Filtration Systems to rid the water of impurities found in water. From Point of Use to whole house systems, Exquisite Air & Water can help provide you with clean and worrisome free water! We use the highest quality filtration Media on the market with our custom-designed whole house water filtration systems. Contact us today and have one of our Sales Representatives come out to evaluate and test your Water. Fill out the information below and one of our Sales Reps will contact you shortly. We make your Water Our Priority!

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