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The True Story

You may have read a news article or seen a news broadcast about the alarming forever chemical (PFAS) being detected in almost all water sources (City, private well and community well water sources), These are articles worth reading and gaining knowledge in the realm of your health and your family's health.

Underground Sewer


Please click on the links we have provided to enrich your mind with facts about the water you consume on a daily basis and in many forms, all of which have shown in recent and past studies of having the forever the chemical compounds called (PFAS).

Some studies only mention the PFAS chemicals while others mention that there are two different types of these chemicals, One is the PFAS and the other is PFOS and PFOA

USGS Study says drinking water from nearly half of US faucets contains potentially harmful chemicals

Concerns related to perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in sources of drinking water and in natural and engineered environments have captured national attention over the last few decades.​

Best ways of Reducing PFAS in Drinking Water with Treatment Technologies-

Water Flowing Out Pipe

Check out this new documentary !

Watch some of the stunning discoveries and testimonies about "Forever Chemicals" in the neighborhoods of North Carolina.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 9.57.57 AM.png
EPA: More drinking water systems across NC contain toxic 'forever chemicals'
PFAS level contaminate drinking water in over 20 counties in North Carolina
North Carolina residents urge UN to investigate toxic PFAS pollution

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